I ended up not submitting that paper on time/at all. Not sure what the consequences will be.
But honestly it feels quite liberating.
I’ll have to deal with the consequences later. But one thing that happened today was that a friend correlated the due date of this lab report with my birthday, which is today and how weird it was that they coincided. It hasn’t left my mind and I’m really trying to see what it all means. Of course, there’s no one right answer but we’ll see.

Also I have been awake 21 hours and I’m really glad I made it home safely. Don’t drive sleep deprived. Please don’t.

I saw the Jackson Katz event on masculinities and it was really good. A friend of mine actually bought me a copy of the book there which I thought was extremely nice of her. It was the “macho paradox”. And I also got to see a friend that came down from Yale to visit. Which was great!

I’m really glad to have made it to 21. It’s an accomplishment for me.
I’m alive.
I’m not married.
No kids, yet.
Never had a bf or gf.
I’m surviving school as it is not kind towards me.
I’m proud of my accomplishments such as working while doing school while being mama Gaby and while commuting to school and teaching an ESL class and being a co president to an org and mentoring two awesome activists for the fellowship I’m a part of.
I’m proud of being the first person in my family to go to college.
Let alone a private liberal arts college.
I may not be on track for an honors degree or have the best grades, but I’m on my own path.
I’m also very lucky to have my friends.
I’m lucky to have the family that I have despite them not supporting what I do.
I’m glad I have my moms love.
I’m glad to almost be done with college.

Here’s to the next 21 years.

this lab report is doomed. 

doomed I tell you.

And that is both stressful and relieving. 

Just need to finish what I can and submit it. 

Were there things I could’ve done before hand: yes

Could I have taken more initiative: yes

did I?: no

No, because I wanted to sleep more so I wasn’t sleep deprived on the road to get here. I used to be able to pull all-nighters. Now I literally and morally can’t. I don’t want to be that person that gets in a car crash due to sleep deprivation. 

It’s selfish // I know. But 52 days left. 

This semester has taught me that self - care is important. 


So the supermarket I go to daily decided to plaster all the walls with posters like this one:


and these posters have everything..

there is the “we help old people”:


and the “we are friendly and love our job even if you are hitting on us”:


and the random “look at this shit I made” woman:


and random people who have nothing to do with the store:


and the “okay, please give me back my baby now”:





seriously though bisexuality being defined as attraction to men and women is a heterosexual’s definition of bisexuality actual bisexual groups and organizations have been defining it as attraction to two or more genders or same and other genders since the nineties and plenty of nb people actually id as bi and refusing to accept how we define ourselves is so absurdly biphobic and heterosexist and jfc it’s 2014 can other queer people fucking realize and acknowledge this